About Me

I really need to figure out what to write here, but I’m terrible at writing about myself. So here goes…

I like tech. I like to write, so I made this blog thing.

I have years of experience (starting from the age of 12) with server management, deployment and web development.

At 17 I joined a local Wireless ISP and took it from 10 – 20% coverage of Hull to 99% coverage. Hooked up BGP Peering and drastically improved the amount of bandwidth available to customers.

At 20 I left to take on a Linux Server Engineer role at a web hosting company, and am now moving on to development of internal tooling to ensure the company is as efficient as we can be.

I’ve got a few personal projects I’ll be blogging about, but it’ll mostly just be random gibberish from time to time

In the wise words of MKBHD,