Planning The MVP

The time has come to sit and plan and think about what I’m trying to achieve now with the new quickfire.

There is a big plan for how I imagine it’ll roughly look in a few years, but right now I want to ship something in a few months time. So, the time has come to decide on what the minimum is that I can ship.

A list of the core features I plan (this plan can change at this stage) is:

  • Display an overview of any accounts (balances etc) on a dashboard
  • Sync older transactions from a date the user specifies (in the background as this could be a lot of data to process)
  • Enrich transactions with valuable information explaining who the merchant is etc. (Monzo style, but more reliable*)
  • Add suppliers / customers
  • Associate bills / invoices with said suppliers / customers
  • Match payments to bills automagically (with user confirmation, Xero reconciliation-style)
  • Sync all of this with Xero (allow importing of existing invoices, customers, suppliers, etc)

Its a fair bit of code to write, alongside planning to build this as a small collection of services on a Kubernetes cluster (thanks digitalocean for the crackin’ service by the way, absolutely love it). Lots of learning, building and planning.

Hopefully, this will be lots of fun and learning and maybe even a decent bit of side revenue as I build a product with value that grows over time to be a full accounting / reporting package with real-time data. Oh, and there is a the idea in the back of my head to build it into a real bank eventually (with a rough plan sketched out on how to achieve that, but I’ll keep that a secret for now), so that’ll be pretty neat.

Pricing is also a key point that I’ll need to plan. For now, in MVP stage, I plan to have the product be free while it is so limited (I can’t justify asking someone to pay money for such a bare-bones thing that is still heavily in development) but I need to get it in people’s hands as early as possible to gain feedback to expand on it further. Over time there will be pricing structure etc. in place (with some nice things for those who join early on) but right now I’m quite unsure.

One big thing I’m currently looking in to is free trial vs free service. Whether it is best to have a lower-end plan that is free, or a free trial for an ultimately entirely paid-for product. Any feedback or thoughts on that is welcome as a concrete decision is yet to be made (I’m feeling free plan, but who knows at this stage).

* I understand that Monzo will be better than me when I’m fresh out of the gate, this was more tounge-in-cheek please put the pitchforks down fanbois. I mean their total lack of iteration on this (except the brilliant work Kieran has been showing off recently) since launch.

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