DML: Step One, Paperwork

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of paperwork. Random things that arrive in the post that I don’t organise and just put in a pile never to be seen again. This mountain of paperwork unfortunately takes up a ton of room in my flat so its time to get rid of it.

I’m a bugger for telling others to go more digital. You can store thousands and thousands of pieces of paperwork, notes, videos, pictures… whatever without taking up more space. Just wing it at Google or Dropbox or whoever. My choice, is OneDrive.

I’m choosing OneDrive purely because I already pay for Office 365 which includes 1TB of storage. Already paying for it, and the app isn’t too bad (plus the built-in Windows 10 support is awesome since I use my PC as well as MacBook Pro) these days.

The Shreddening

Shredders are wonderful things that take paper and convert it into lots of stringy bits of paper (I couldn’t come up with anything better) that pack nicely into a black bin bag. Or two. Or three. Sometimes a man has been collecting paperwork for years and hasn’t shredded it. K?

I genuinely feel sorry for the shredder, but for a cheap Argos one I must say I’m impressed. I’ve shredded about 90% of the old paperwork I have laying around now, leaving the last 10% ready for me to scan and organise in to various folders in OneDrive. Which also reminds me, OneDrive is also a complete state so I need to completely reorganise that, too. Oh great.

Seriously. Invest in a damn shredder and start shredding. Once you’re caught up (like I am… at least I think I am) then shred as things arrive that you don’t need. You’ll love yourself for not having to spend three days doing it like I did.

Just Scan It

Now, scan the documents you have left that are important. Store them somewhere safe (preferably the cloud if possible on Google, Dropbox or OneDrive) and then shred them too.

This way, it takes up no real world space, but if you need them in physical form you can always print them out.

One thing you definitely need to remember is to ensure that you organise things properly within folders, and name the documents well. This way you’ll save yourself tons of time when trying to find things later.

Great. So we’ve done everything I can think of so far for documents.

Oh, One More Thing

Get a scan of your passport, driving license, and a photo of you holding your license. You never know when you’ll need one. Seriously. I’ve saved myself so much time by just having these images on hand ready to upload and email whenever necessary.

That’s all for this part in this series, stay tuned for more.

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