Introducing Hebblog

Yes, yes. The name sucks. I know. It’s a… “working title” I believe is the saying.

I’ve spoken a lot about building my own blog platform recently, and I’ve decided to prematurely make the code public.

The plan was always to have it open source and be something I commit to long-term, but I’ve decided to go ahead and make it public now in the very early days as well as blog about it’s development over time.

I’m a big believer in transparency and openness, and by doing this, I believe that it is the best way to stay true to this.

Currently, not very much works at all and it barely has a home page. But it does have working foundation integration and it is being (fairly) rapidly developed in time outside of work. I’ve got a few days of being unemployed before my new job starts, so I’m hoping to get a bulk done later this week / over the weekend.

For now, you can check it out on github here and please, be nice. Below is a screenshot of it so far for your viewing pleasure. It is changing rapidly in design (I am indeed not a designer, nor am I working from a design, I’m purely coding and fiddling as I go) over time, but this is a snapshot taken right now with it running via Laravel Valet.

P.S if you have any better name ideas, please let me know. The current name is based on my surname and… well… it being designed for building a blog. You know, very original sounding.

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