Nobody Cares What Tech You Use

I see debates raging online all the time about using the latest and greatest technology. Usually the debates at some point slag off older languages over the “new hotness”. I’m writing a short, ranty post I feel needs to be said more often.

Nobody except other geeks gives a shit what tech you use behind the scenes. They only care about the product you build.

You use PHP? Great. Build with it. You use Python? Cool, go for it. A .NET person instead? A bit weird, but sure. You do you.

Some interesting sites and platforms are built using some interesting choices. Facebook? PHP and MySQL. Shopify? Ruby on Rails. Same for Twitter.

Heck, even Google’s crawler is still Python.

The reality is, nobody really cares if you’re running 70,000 microservices written in Go or Rust running on Kubernetes on AWS. What they care about is the product you’ve built, how usable it is, and what value it creates. When they press a button on your app or website, does it do what it is meant to do quickly?

The services and companies I’ve written about above clearly show that it’s about how you use the language, not what language you use.

Use what you’re comfortable with, and don’t just keep jumping from language to language to keep up with the world. Heck, you’d never survive in the Javascript world if you did that. There’s a new Javascript frame work every five minutes!

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