How To Force Your iPhone on EE To Connect via IPv4 in 2020

Over the past few months or however long its been happening, EE have been transitioning their network over to IPv6-first. This is great, as IPv6 is the future but the problem is that they don’t gracefully handle IPv4-only resources. They do attempt this via NAT64 but as with all technology, it doesn’t work 100% of the time.

Then comes my problem. I use a Ubiquiti AMPLIFI HD for broadband and one of the features of this is AMPLIFI Teleport. This is a nifty little app that sets up a VPN back to my home network from my iPhone and iPad. Awesome!

The problem? My ISP only supports IPv4, and for some reason EE’s NAT64 setup wasn’t handling this well, so the VPN failed to connect. What makes it worse? EE don’t allow you to edit your APN settings on your iPhone to lock it to IPv4…

In comes in the Apple Configurator. Through this, you are actually able to create an IPv4 only carrier setting, apply the profile and hey presto!

The APN settings are as follows:

  • APN Type: Default and Data APNs
  • APN: everywhere
  • Username: eesecure
  • Password: secure

You should set this up as I have below.

For those of you who don’t have a Mac and the ability to set create this profile, here’s one I made earlier. Just download that file to your iPhone, install the profile and hey presto!

Phew, that was easy… honest!

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