Port514 Sucked As A Name. Long Live logbreeze

In my last post on Port514 I gave an overview of what the product will do upon launch and introduced it to the world.

Since then, I’ve been busy tweaking the backend to make it more stable and scalable and in this post I’ll go over the changes.

Oh, I also rebranded it from Port514 to logbreeze. Something that both sounds better and is actually easy to say. It also describes what the product is for far better (makes logging a breeze), and doesn’t restrict the product in the future (such as if / when it supports more than just syslog messages).

But A Name Change Isn’t All

The name change frees the product from being solely syslog ingestion and management and will allow so much more

Already planned are:

  • API (for sending your own messages)
  • PHP Application Exception Handler (think Sentry-like)
  • Application logs (nginx, apache etc)

A Whole New Home

First, I moved from Hetzner to Upcloud for servers. Largely this was due to the insane performance that they offer (100K IOPS! Ryzen! Woo!) and compared to the performance of the servers on Hetzner Cloud I’m already seeing a significant boost.

Second, I moved for their datacenter locations. Upcloud are available in many cities world-wide whereas Hetzner are only available in two different countries, both in Europe. This would suck for any American customers as we can’t have a PoP closer to them.

Finally, Upcloud offer something I’ve not seen anywhere else. A global private network across all PoPs. This is huge. This means that we can ingest data from any of their available datacenters and transport it across the world without it ever going over the public internet, all without having to set up our own encrypted tunnels to manage. Awesome, I love it.

I’ll be moving things over to the domain in due course, but I think this is a big step in the right direction. Overall the product will be fleshed out a lot next year, and I can’t wait to get this off the ground and truly join the Indie Hacker community!

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