My First Open Source PHP Package

For a long time I’ve been wanting to have an open source PHP project that I actively maintain. Now, as part of a new project I’m building, I’ve decided to open source one of the most core parts of it.

I’m building a project that, at its core, will manage and handle cPanel-based (for now, at least) hosting accounts. Initially I started building this on top of this package from PreviewTechnologies. Throughout the development of the project using this package though, there are many features missing and it uses an old PSR2 standard. As the new project is in Laravel, I wanted to start migrating things over to being more Laravel-like.

Introducing, lukehebb/cpanel-whm-api. This is a fork of the original package I was using, however, I intend to update this to current standards over time and build it into a more Laravel-specific in the future. Not to say it won’t work with other frameworks, but as developer that uses Laravel daily, this is where my experience is.

This package is still very much in its early days, so I wouldn’t recommend building on it in production right now. Perhaps wait for an official V1 first. But for now, take a look!

I also want to mention that please, if you are a developer, contribute! This is open source so anyone can pick it up, and hopefully it can become a collaborative effort.

I look forward to seeing what we build together!

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