2019. A Year In Review.

A new tradition I’m starting is writing about what has changed over the course of the last year, and looking at what I hope to achieve over the course of the next year.

This whole thing seems rather odd, to place any kind of significance against an arbitrary piece of time, but alas it is something us humans seem to do and for some reason I feel compelled to do so, so here we are.

A lot changed in my personal life

I mean, a lot. First, I have a new job now! This one was a bit unplanned and unexpected, I won’t lie. Back in April I made the leap to a full time development role at a local web development agency here in Hull.

So far things are going great! I think I’m fairly ok at the job (well, they’ve kept me on at least) and I’m quite enjoying it.

The next thing was moving, twice. Both an improvement on the last move, but I’ll keep the details of this one to myself.

Finally, I got a real plan together for what I’m going to do with Quickfire. I own the company name, I have domain names, bank accounts etc. Everything is ready to go and start a business I just need to… start it. So that’s the plan (just a tad busy with the whole moving thing at the moment, but Christmas soon…)

Not much changed in my development workflow

No really, not much changed at all. I feel I’ve found a happy place now.

The only thing that really changed was moving back to GitHub. Look, I was wrong to ever say goodbye to our friend GitHub here. It turns out, bitbucket is shit. Bitbucket is always going down in one way or another, but GitHub just seems (to quote a phrase many dislike, myself included) strong and stable.

It genuinely just works, and I love it. I’m sorry GitHub for ever saying goodbye. Please, don’t be too angry.

Other than that, nothing changed. Same Mac, still PhpStorm. Still loving Laravel and PHP.

So then, the future

2020 will definitely be an interesting year. I’ve got a lot up my sleeve that I work towards bringing to reality every day – I hope I pull it off, but we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll catch you around.

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