2020. A Year In Review.

Following on from my tradition I decided to start last year, totally in no way inspired by Freek at all honest, here is my 2020.

More Personal Life Changes

This year I returned to my previous job at Connexin, and then left to go back to the same web development agency. I like to say I don’t get around much but apparently this year this wasn’t the case.

I won’t go in to detail on the reasons for this change here, as that’s something I want to hold to myself but I enjoyed my time at Connexin and the amazing team there, and I am also happy to be back with the team at Eyeweb.

My Development Environment

Honestly not a great deal here changed again. Still on GitHub, still using PHPStorm (I’ll never move away from this beautiful software). I did get a new MacBook Pro that you can see the specs of here but other than that not a whole lot changed really.

I now use servers on Upcloud and Laravel Forge is my new go-to for deploying things so there’s that too.

To Business!

This year was the year I started really putting some time and effort in to planning and executing on Quickfire with the new plan of launching multiple hyper-focused products and had hoped to get the first one out in to beta.

This will continue in to 2021 and beyond (and getting logbreeze out in to beta), with hopefully some success but for now I’m really enjoying building these and seeing where they go.

Worst case they fail, but that’s fine. Everyone fails and without a bit of failure you don’t learn what is needed to get to success. If you don’t try, you will only fail. But if you try, you might just do it.

So, What’s Next?

Going in to 2021 I have some goals I want to achieve and at the end of next year I’ll see if I’ve achieved them or not.

Write More

I genuinely want to write more on my blog and while I’ve done an ok job at this so far this year, I want to do better next year. As I am developing these products I will blog about various things as well as mixing other opinion posts in too.

Open Source

Open Source software is amazing and I use it all the time. But I’ll admit, it feels very selfish of me building businesses on top of open source software without giving back to the community

In 2021 this will change. I want to involve myself more in the open source PHP community by contributing to existing packages and open sourcing code I write in the form of my own packages too.

Learn Swift

iOS development is an area I’ve always been intrigued by and wanted to venture down, but I’ve never had the time to do it. Next year this really will become something I want to force myself to do.

Both logbreeze and the next upcoming product are planned to have iOS apps and I want to be the one to build them!

Android can come later too, of course.


No, I’m not going on a murder spree just yet. Next year I want to execute and launch more of the products under Quickfire, rather than making another meme that Lee can tease me about!

I already have logbreeze out in beta, and a second product that will hit beta soon.

Another Year Over

Here we are, the end of 2020.

I just want to add, this year I’ve been incredibly fortunate and had a far better time of it all than many people out there and I’m very grateful for the situation I’ve been in.

Primarily, I’m in a well paid career that was able to continue very much uninterrupted as we moved to working from home. This is much better than others had it. Many people had to go out there in to the big bad world and risk their life and their families on a daily basis, or others lost their jobs.

But let’s not forget, many lost their lives. Each and every one of them is a brother, a sister. A mother or father. A son or daughter. Their passing will have a long-lasting effect on many, many people and is something we cannot let go ignored.

So, goodbye 2020. The year of the mask. Hello 2021, where with the new vaccines we may finally return to some kind of normal, whatever the new normal is.

Stay safe.

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